Radio Tristano, is a web radio broadcasting 24/7 the Tristan chord as the only hearable component. Its constant presence is being recreated from the scratch by specially costumed software. The incertitude of Tristan chord will become the only certitude for the listener.  

The Tristan chord is considered the most relevant chord in the history of modern music: it is the subject of a colossal literature. The goal of this research was to find its suitable place in the western harmonic theory, therefore many functional and structural interpretations were made. However function and structure were already irreparably desynchronized. When Richard Wagner first shown it on the ouverture of his Tristan and Isolde, this chord was able to turn people mad. Today, the cult of the Tristan chord lays in its idolatry of confusion and uncertainties. Whit it, modern age was born.

Radio Tristano is officially launched on the occasion of a solo show on 20th of October 2016, at Current art space, Milan. During six weeks of the show, a special program will be broadcast: 

1. concerts that perform different variations of Tristan chord for: percussions and live electronics, electric organ Hammond, chamber orchestra, children's choir

2. talks on the subject "How the loss of reference point can become the reference point itself", with: Cesare Pietroiusti, artist; Federico Ferrari, philosopher; Gabriele Manca, composer; Ezio Partesana, philosopher; curators of Current art space  

3. performative actions and auditive variations on the music which incorporates the Tristan chord previously to Wagner's composition: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Quartetto per archi No. 16 K428; Ludwig Van Beethoven, Sonata per pianoforte No. 18 Op. 31, No. 3; Fryderyk Chopin, Mazurka in Fa minore Op. 68, No. 4 postuma; Franz Liszt, Die Loreley, S.273  

Radio Tristano will keep on broadcasting the Tristan chord even after the closing day of the show November 24th. You will always be able to hear the Tristan chord on: